Three days later, the floating animal island was slowly moving forward, when suddenly a guard came to report in a panic: "No, sir, Xiao Mengxiu and them are back!" "

Li Feiyang and Murong Chen Yan, who were having breakfast, stood up immediately when they heard the news. Li Feiyang’s mind moved, and all the monster beasts and lizards received the devil pot, and put it in the dharma position, and the whole person went up into the sky. Flying forward with the force of gravity waves, Mr. Murong’s dust rose and followed closely, and the two men lifted off. He saw the tackle and floating beast of the horse-wheel firm have appeared in the distant sea, and they are coming here quickly.
Above the interception of floating animals, one was wearing light leather armor. The man with a pike in his hand is walking slowly through the clouds. His movements are simple, but the degree is very fast. He just blinks, and the more he chews, the more he flies to the front of Li Feiyang and others.
The man hangs freely, with two heavy eyebrows carved like a sword over his eyes, thick lips and a tall nose, and his face lines are as firm as a knife. There is a wild and tough color.
His hands gleamed faintly with a circle of golden light. The whole body muscle Qiu knot, looks very strong, eyes sharp unparalleled, like a sword piercing the sky, staring at the front of Li Feiyang and Murong dust.
Mr. Murong Dust Smoke saw this man. His face suddenly became very ugly. He whispered: "My Lord, this is the chief steward of the seventh line of the Moon Wheel Firm, and his strength is very strong! According to the estimation of his subordinates, he has at least five yuan of strength. What should I do? "
Li Feiyang was surprised. Eyes suddenly narrowed. He whispered, "The other party has come. Do not panic. Soldiers will block. Water comes to earth! "
"Listen, people from the Rising Sun Business Firm, when I give you half a cup of tea, give us the floating beast quickly, or you will die!" time
Li Feiyang’s voice just fell and the man in the sky gave a loud drink. His voice exploded in the sky like thunder, shaking all the men’s blood.
Mr. Murong dust looked at Li Feiyang and turned to the sky to sink a track: "Xue Nianping! Do you think my Rising Sun Business is empty? Li is afraid to tell you. My 12 th Chief Executives and 10 th Chief Executives will join me soon. I advise you to leave room for three points. Waiting to see you in the future! "
"Ha ha ha heart!" Xue Nianping looked up and laughed. As if he had heard the funniest thing in the world, the spear in his hand stood upright, and the shining cold light reflected to Mr. Murong Chen Yan’s eyes: "Mr. Murong Chen Yan. Do you take me for: a child of twenty? If they really want to come, how could you tell me? I won’t talk nonsense with you, or I’ll give in easily at once. Or die! After half a cup of tea, whether you are dead or alive, you should be careful! "
Li Feiyang and Mr. Murong looked at Xue Nianping’s big gun in the dust, and they clearly felt that when Xue Nianping shook his big gun, the surrounding space seemed to have an invisible tremor, like a pair of powerful and strong arms tearing at the space violently, and a very powerful force felt clearly passed to the Yuan God of the two.
"Chief steward, others can let go. That Li Feiyang must be taken alive! " Just then, a loud voice came from intercepting floating animals. Xiao Mengxiu, dressed in purple, flew up and stood beside Xue Nianping.
Xue Nianping saw Xiao Mengxiu fly around. The look on her face immediately became very gentle, and the arrogant look disappeared in the blink of an eye, completely ignoring Li Feiyang and Murong Chen Yan, who were standing in front with a face of resentment, and softly said, "Xiu Mei, what’s the skill of that Li Feiyang? Still worthy of your attention? "
Xiao Mengxiu watched Li Feiyang, smiling Gherardini on his face: "Chief steward, I haven’t told you the detailed information as soon as you come. This Li Feiyang has a special power. You can easily break my mixed power. We were forced away by him a few days ago, "but I always suspected that this guy was hollow, and now you’re here, just try his weight!" "
Xue Nianping gave a cry of "Oh" and said with some surprise, "Is that him who drove you away?" Turning to Li Feiyang, he looked up and down as if he were looking at something new. He was amazed and said, "Interesting, I don’t know his strength, it seems to be between mixed yuan, but I can’t feel his mixed yuan breath." … Boy, who are you? "
Xue Nianping is arrogant, but he is not a foolhardy man. When he hears Xiao Mengxiu, he feels the completely different strange breath of Li Feiyang again, but he is still careful not to make immediate moves.
Li Feiyang has been silently observing Xue Nianping’s every move. The huge momentum infiltrated by the other party really made him feel powerless to compete. From the time he began to appear, even if the other party was talking and laughing wantonly, he could not find a flaw and slack. Li Feiyang had to admit that the other party’s strength was really strong, and it was strong enough for him to be far behind.
Even if you can use the power of Mr. Murong’s dust and smoke to use the power of red Yan tiger’s flame, but the power difference is huge, let Li Feiyang not sure whether his own flame can restrain this Xue Nianping.
However, after Xiao Mengxiu appeared, Li Feiyang felt a little jitter in Xue Nianping’s mind. To be precise, it should be that his mind was not as focused as before, and he was a little slack. Moreover, look at Xiao Mengxiu’s eyes from Xue Nianping. And judging from what the two men said, Li Feiyang suspected that there must be "secrets" between this Xue Nian and Xiao Mengxiu.
As Xue Nianping’s chief steward. There is no need to listen to Xiao Mengxiu’s opinion at all, but judging from their answers. The identity of the two people is more like the opposite, as if Xiao Mengxiu is in charge and Xue Nianping is in charge. Plus Xue Nianping see Xiao Mengxiu eyes, Li Feiyang ninety percent sure this Xue Nianping must be interested in Xiao Mengxiu!
Hearing Xue Nianping’s question, Li Feiyang turned and whispered a few words to Mr. Murong’s dust. The two men nodded in the eye, fell together on the island of floating animals, turned to a house, and then Li Feiyang came out from behind the house.
See Li Feiyang ignore yourself. Xue Nianping was angry, but suddenly his face changed and he looked surprised at the house where they turned at the same time.
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Chapter 212 Blast the divine power of heaven
It’s not ugly to let a small smoke disappear. It gave Xue Nianping and Xiao Mengxiu a great shock. Wang Ba Shi Ran’s face remains the same, but at the moment, the heart has already set off waves.
There is nothing special about that house. It has been cultivated to the level of Xue Nian’s peace and Xiao Mengxiu, and it is absolutely clear for Yuan Shen to find out. They never believe that with the strength of Mr. Murong’s dust, they will be able to hide under their noses. However, at the moment, he is really gone, and the two people can’t help but feel a little scared. What’s going on?
Li Feiyang flew up again and said to Xue Nianping, "Xue is in charge, so be a man. It’s good to meet each other in the future. If we really fight for a larger foe, it’s not good for you and me! "
"Ha ha ha heart!" Xue Nianping burst into laughter. Clear voice said, "Do you think you can get a surprise effect by hiding Mr. Murong’s dust? What, are you going to sneak up? With your strength, even sneak attack, it is impossible to have any chance of winning! Come out for me! "
Xue Nianping drank with a loud bang, and with a wave of his hand, a big gun at the house suddenly made waves of invisible ripples in the air. With a loud crash, the divisible house suddenly collapsed and broke into a pile of ruins.
Xue Nianping shook the big gun in his hand again, and it was an invisible wave. All the ruins and residues were scattered and broken by the impact, like a tornado blowing, and scattered and splashed away in the blink of an eye. It turned out that the location of the house was already flat.
Xue Nianping’s two strikes ended, and Li Feiyang and his face changed at the same time, all of which were dignified.
Li Feiyang felt clearly that the other two strikes were almost all caused by strength, thus destroying the house. It never occurred to him that Xue Nianping’s strength had reached such a terrible situation, just shaking the big gun far away, which could cause such a violent vibration. Xue Nian’s plane color changed because he thought Mr. Murong dust was hidden in that house, but he didn’t expect to destroy it. There is no trace of Mr. Murong’s dust and smoke.
Below the house is a neat flat, that is to say, there is nothing unusual in this house, and Mr. Murong’s dust and smoke are not hidden in it. So, where did he hide? Or is it that his strength has been improved again, and he has reached the state where he can’t be completely present?
Songnian Ping shook his head and thought the idea was ridiculous.
Two people each bosom fear in the heart, at that time no one move, just gloomy staring at each other, saying nothing.
"Xue steward, just because of a Murong dust, are you afraid? How long are you going to spend here with this man? !”
Xiao Mengxiu saw that Xue Nianping was afraid to move, and his heart suddenly aroused anger and immediately cried out.
Hearing her words, Xue Nian’s plane color suddenly changed, and suddenly he raised his hand with a big gun, shouting at him, as if he would spit out all the depression in his heart. Your gun shook and attacked Li Feiyang.
"The time has come, die!" Xue Nianping’s big gun shook at the same time, and the invisible ripples swept away like waves at Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang eyes a clot, in the heart know today’s World War I is inevitable. Seeing the space stirring endlessly, the invisible ripples are just around the corner. Without any hesitation, he raised his hand and punched at the front.
Booming heart!
A loud explosion came, and Li Feiyang’s body was like being hammered by a giant hammer, and it flew hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye. Xiao Mengxiu, who was watching the game, smiled. Xue Nianping, however, has no joy, and his face is doubly dignified.
Only he can clearly feel that Li Feiyang seems to have been hit by himself, but in fact it is his own to fly out and unload the strength, and the moment when his mixed force comes into contact with the other fist, it is like an invisible black hole suddenly appearing, a powerful and oppressive force of annihilation, and he actually went to the 7788 in an instant.
Xue Nianping’s mixed force is born of fists. The form of expression is power, a powerful mixed force. This strange form of expression. So that many people who are higher than him have suffered losses before him.
When the mixed force collides, the higher the form of mixed force, the more advantageous it is. The mixed force of Xue Nianping’s power form is also a kind of high-end mixed force. After the collision of two phases, even if the other party can annihilate its own mixed force, it will be hurt by great power. Unless the other party’s physical strength is extremely strong, it is bound to be unable to offset the heavy impact and shock.
What he didn’t expect, however, was that he didn’t see what this Li Feiyang did to release the mixed force, so he consumed so much of his mixed force. Maybe this person’s mixed force. Is it some kind of mixed force at the top?
Xue Nianping feels a little ridiculous. The higher the strength level, the more likely it is to make the mixed force mutate and produce a high-end state. The top mixed element force needs the mixed element realm as the foundation. Generally speaking, only the strong who have reached the level of more than 20 yuan can have this possibility, but it is only possible.
Although the heart is a mystery, Xue Nianping has not had much time to continue to think about it. After Li Feiyang flew out, he just flew back in the blink of an eye. His degree also surprised Xue Nianping, as if he had been suddenly thrown up by some powerful force. The other party’s way of marching gives people a strange feeling of "traction, feeling, completely different from royal air flight."
Li Feiyang was cold, and flew to the front of Xue Nianping in the blink of an eye. His right hand was still clenched and he punched the suspense flat again.
Xue Nianping sneer at it, and the big gun in his hand shook out a gun flower, and the golden light on his arm attached to your gun tip like a shadow, swinging out a pear flower shape with the trajectory of the gun body shaking, and hard with Li Feiyang’s fist.
"The aphid shakes the tree, I see how much you can melt!" Xue Nianping grimaced with a loud drink, but the next second, his face showed a trace of consternation, followed by disbelief, and then a full face of horror.
Li Feiyang’s fist swings out of a circle of dark red sticky flame, just like the ice meets the sun. The ripples caused by Xue Nianping’s mixed yuan juli melt before this flame, which can’t offset that fraction. Watching Li Feiyang’s fist dash all the way, he was about to strike with the tip of his big gun, and Xue Nianping shouted. The golden light of the whole body skyrocketed, and the turbulent mixed yuan did a crazy influx of big guns. The gun body suddenly shook violently, and the golden light turned into a big gun and suddenly expanded. Just like the instant expansion of big guns, Li Feiyang’s body was shrouded.
Just as Li Feiyang was covered with golden light, he suddenly gave a loud explosion, and the flame on his fist instantly expanded and blossomed into a huge fan, just like a lux peacock instantly opened its screen, and the harsh golden light dimmed at the moment when the flame appeared, and then dissipated.
Like a hurricane blowing away the fire, when the golden light dissipated and fell, Li Feiyang’s fist finally hit Xue Nianping’s gun.
A little red awn bloomed at the tip of the fist, then violently twisted and collapsed inward, just like the water in the pool was concentrated to the extreme, and the dark red flame suddenly turned black.
Xue Nianping’s incredible stare big eyes. His big gun is a top-grade weapon. After years of refining with mixed force, it is about to break through and become a treasure. However, at this moment, Li Feiyang with his bare hands, with the little inconspicuous black flame on his fist, instantly melted the spear head of the big gun!
That little black flame seems to be invincible. Xue Nianping clearly feels that his own realm is far beyond Li Feiyang, but there is no way to be restrained by his strange flame. He is proud of Juli’s mixed force, which is completely unable to compete with each other’s bizarre flame.
Xue Nian half pull back, but the black flame is like a whirlpool, produced a huge suction, crazy tearing at his big gun, even juli as he, in the face of such strength, unexpectedly also completely lost the ability to resist.
The big gun was torn a little, and in Xue Nianping’s horrified eyes, it was completely melted by the black flame on Li Feiyang’s fist. Seeing that his body was about to be dragged close to the black flame, Xue Nianping hurriedly let go and hurried back.
Li Feiyang stood still in mid-air, and the black mountain in his hand slowly dissipated, and the surrounding space flashed with a thick aura of fire. Looking at Xue Nianping’s retreating figure, he said faintly: "If I tried to kill you just now, you would have died. I’ll give you one last chance. Get out now! Never let me see you again! "
Xue Nianping’s face was shocked, and he said with some surprise, "You let us go? No, you have such strong strength, how can you let us leave again and again? " As if he suddenly understood something, Xue Nianping’s face showed a clear color and grinned: "I see, your realm is not enough, but you have such high-end mixed power. No matter how you got it, you can explain one thing!"