On the whole, Meng Qi’s life in recent years is quite good. However, Meng Qi’s day is coming soon, because after several years of war, the battle between the two sides has changed again.

Because the demon race has gained too many benefits in this battle, and although the demon race is an alliance with the magic gate, whenever the right path fails, the demon race will relax its attack on the right path. Even if there is no support for the right path.
In this regard, the magic door is quite helpless, because at that time, with their eyes, they are still no match for the right path. And the demon family is using this, has been growing.
Until recently, the strength of the demon race has expanded to an extremely powerful point. It can completely influence the change of the battlefield, and even through its own development and the weakening of the right path, the cultivation of immortals has now become a three-legged situation.
The alliance and agreement between the demon clan and the magic gate has also become a piece of waste paper. The most important thing is that, from the point of view that the hearts of non-Chinese people are different, the two sides of Zhengmo have faintly combined to deal with the demon race.
Although the two sides are still using each other, it is still an extremely dangerous situation for the demon clan leader. Once the two sides of the demon officially break down, the demon family will probably have a very sad period.
However, all this was expected by Meng Qi. After all, he was once in the Terran, and he knew very well that no matter whether it was the right way or the magic door, no matter who was in charge, it was all Terran. They are determined not to allow the rise of the demon race.
Therefore, as early as a few years ago, Meng Qi began to preserve his own strength. It is also for this reason that the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan was wooed. Moreover, Meng Qi also told Ai Zhuoshui about it.
As a clan patriarch, Ai Zhuoshui agreed with Meng Qi after Meng Qi became interested. Over the years, she has also been actively preparing for the war, and for Meng Qi, Ai Zhuoshui actually has considerable trust.
At least Ai Zhuoshui now thinks that Meng Qi and the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan are already in the same boat. Because in the past few years, Longgu has proposed more than once that Meng Qi should lead the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan to the battlefield.
However, they were all rejected by Meng Qi, and Longgu also asked Meng Qi to hand over the command of the Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan several times. Ai Zhuoshui knows that it is definitely not good news for his own clan if he is transferred to the authority of others. So she also gradually handed over some rights to Meng Qi, so that Meng Qi began to really master the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan.
Chapter 311 Advanced baby devouring cloud
Chapter 311 Advanced baby devouring cloud
So today, a few years later, Meng Qi’s strength has undergone earth-shaking changes. It’s not just a matter of promotion to infant rank, but also the sincere devotion of the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan. It can be said that Meng Qi is now a disciple with great potential in Longgu, and has evolved into a senior official on the separatist side.
Of course, over the years, Meng Qi has not broken contact with Longgu. On the contrary, Meng Qi began to express his loyalty to Longgu frequently. Because if Longgu once does not believe in Ren Mengqi, then Meng Qi’s power is like rootless water. It will easily go up in smoke.
Moreover, Meng Qi is not without domestic help in the Dragon Valley. First of all, the biggest aid is naturally the elder Tao Di Tao. After the battle between Zhengmo and Daomo began, Elder Tao finally ended his trip and returned to Longgu. And back to the dragon valley, although the elder Tao respected his position and cultivated himself as profound, his men didn’t have much strength.
And the development of Meng Qi, he naturally supports it. Then there is the Ziqiu clan who has been on good terms with the elder Tao. With the support of Elder Tao, Ziqiu is now a first-class elder in Longgu. The rights in the Dragon Valley are also quite large. He is also one of Meng Qiqiang’s big foreign AIDS.
Now Meng Qi has become a very important person to maintain an interest group. And for Meng Qi’s view of being prepared for danger in times of peace, the top of Longgu also agrees. Otherwise, how can Meng Qi rest there with the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan?
Because once the demons fall out, the Cuiming Mountain where Meng Qi is located is an extremely important place to be rushed. It is also the first line of fighting against both sides, and Meng Qi will stick to it here. This is the price of power.
Bit by bit, the source of faith enters the dragon soul, and then enters Meng Qi’s body. As early as several years ago, Meng Qi’s belief source left by the Zhao clan for thousands of years has become the realm of then dzogchen in one fell swoop. But also laid a solid foundation with the remaining strength.
A few years later, these new sources of belief were enough for Meng Qi to break through the elixir. Because in the past few years, some people in the state of Zhao have finally sincerely believed in Meng Qi.
Dragon Soul City is no longer as cold and cheerless as it used to be, and the source of faith gathered all over the country can not be underestimated. However, as the war approached, one thing that made Meng Qi very depressed originally made Meng Qi happy.
That is the Dragon Temple in the area ruled by Zhengdao. Until now, Meng Qilong’s soul is still that small temple. Of course, this small temple is only compared with such a behemoth as Dragon Soul City.
After several years of development, Meng Qi will help them solve problems whenever there is a drought in the local area. Therefore, the local people’s belief in Meng Qi is absolutely no less than those of Zhao’s royal family. And they also raised money to renovate the Dragon Temple.
It has made the Dragon Temple a famous temple in the local area, even when the country is famous. Of course, Meng Qi’s happiness is far more than that. But Meng Qi knew that the terrain of Cuiming Mountain, which he was guarding, was too dangerous after the three parties fought. Meng Qi is not sure that he can hold it.
If the enemy occupies Cuiming Mountain, what if Meng Qi’s Dragon Soul Hall is discovered again? Then even if they destroy all the dragon soul temples in Zhao, for Meng Qi, those sources of belief can also slowly gather in the dragon temple ruled by the right path, and then return to him. Although speed and efficiency must be greatly affected, it is better than secrecy.
This is Meng Qi’s way out for himself. Moreover, Meng Qi also told Zhao Xuan that if a monk intervened in the Dragon Soul Temple, he must not compete with it. Because as long as people who believe in Meng Qi are still there, even if the Dragon Soul Temple is gone, it can still be rebuilt.
If you compete with the monks, if the monks kill the Zhao people all over again, then everything will be over. Meng Qi can still see clearly about the preservation of effective strength.
Because Meng Qi didn’t intend to stick to Cuiming Mountain, once he didn’t stick to it, Meng Qi turned back and ran away with the forces he had developed.
After enough sources of faith entered Meng Qi’s body, Meng Qi immediately took out 27 pieces of high-order lingshi, and then began to shock the baby. The process of the impact is not very difficult, and everything goes smoothly, thanks to Meng Qi, who did not make a forced breakthrough a few years ago, who made full preparations for his accumulation.
After twenty-seven high-order lingshi became twenty-seven useless stubborn stones, Meng Qi also emitted a bright light. Then in this light, I was promoted to the baby stage.
At the moment of promotion to the infant stage, a large number of dark clouds flashed over the imperial tomb. There is even a red light inside, which is the pure southern separation from fire. For Meng Qi, this is the most troublesome thing in Du Jie.
The magnificent momentum of this cloud robbery has attracted people from all over Zhao to hide at home and dare not go out. But there is only one place where there is a slight golden light shining under this robbery cloud.
That is the holy land of the people of Zhao who believe in Meng Qizhi, the Dragon Soul City. All the believers are kneeling on the huge altar of Dragon Soul City, and no one is praying for Meng Qi sincerely.
There is a trace of faith in them, which is a sight that can only appear when a considerable number of believers gather together. Those sources of belief entered Meng Qi’s body, but Meng Qi did not absorb them.