"Of course, when two people travel at ordinary times, they just don’t give in to each other. I have to be a referee for an hour or two every day," Xiao Gang said. "If we have been traveling together, training together and fighting together, our strength will not be much worse."

"It’s not necessarily that I still can’t get along with Aaron, Xiao Xia and Aaron, and I didn’t get along with Aaron." Xiaojing came out to refute.
"eh? Maybe you are not so strong with Xiaojing. At that time, Xiaoxia was not determined to participate in the league competition, right? Besides, Aaron is not an ordinary person. Anyway, now Xiao Xia definitely has the same strength as Xiao Zhi. "Xiao Gang said that everyone seems to agree.
"Xiao Zhi to now still stay at this level? And last year, I didn’t improve. "Gary Oak suddenly came out. When did he come here … Gary Oak spoke directly without any convergence.
"Don’t take this look at me, but I know Xiao Zhi fire-breathing dragon? What about Snorlax? These Poké mon have not been sent to Xiao Zhi, but the strength can be more than that. The real strength of Xiao Zhi is at least the level of the wonderful frog species. I am afraid that Xiao Zhi made concessions because there is no water in the venue, and many Poké mon in Xiao Xia can’t play their level. "Gary Oak said that Xiao Gang also laughed.
"Sure enough, you guys are all monsters, but it’s true. Xiao Zhi and Xiao Xia are now fighting under certain restrictions." Xiao Gang said, and everyone nodded.
"No, I don’t think so about you because of your words … but when did you come …" Xiaojing couldn’t help but say it …
With Xiao Zhi’s "flash of light" command, Pikachu immediately rushed out. Is it Xiao Zhi Pikachu’s excellent speed? Staryu jumped backward, and Pikachu also jumped forward after landing. The flash of light successfully hit Staryu.
"water gun!" Xiao Xia immediately fought back.
Staryu immediately steadied himself, and then Pikachu flashed to the right as soon as the water gun went out, but Staryu immediately changed the angle and hit another water gun. The second shot was a hit! Hit pikachu
"Indeed as expected soon! And the accuracy is very high, "said Ah Kang, Ah Jun nodded.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
"Pikachu is 100,000 volts!"
"Avoid coming to Staryu!"
Pikachu makes his signature skill of venting 100,000 volts! Staryu immediately dodged aside.
"Now rush to the sea stars!"
Staryu spun up quickly, and then two cyclones appeared at the same time in Staryu’s own core! Rolled up a lot of sand in this rock site, and Pikachu is an incredible star running to the sea?
"What does Xiao Zhi want?" Jiantai seems puzzled, but everyone knows that Xiao Zhi can’t compete with many people here in terms of tactics, but people here can’t compete with Xiao Zhi in terms of ghosts. Now Aaron Xiaoyong, Gary Oak Ajun Akang and five others are trying to understand Xiao Zhi’s practice.
Staryu began to move towards Pikachu, but it was obviously ready to attack Pikachu, and Pikachu jumped up! But instead of jumping high, you jumped forward and plunged into a tornado?
"It really complicates the simple problem." Aaron had to sigh. Seeing Xiaoyong is a real one, and he feels the same way. It is also worth smiling at Aaron.
"Xiao Xia is intended to attack by wind and gravel, and besides gravel, there are 6 water Poké mon skills before and after! Mixing these rocks and stones has now become very good in water conductivity. The biggest drawback of Staryu’s tornado is that he is also in this tornado! Even though the tornado is powerful, it has exposed itself to the enemy! Not calm? Xiao Xia actually made a tornado attack, and we were trying to think if Xiao Zhi felt that he wouldn’t rush in directly, but he did let Pikachu rush in directly, which surprised us. But there is no reason why the trainer is playing against Xiao Zhi, and even the tornado rolled water … "Ah Jun said that Aaron and Xiaoyong also nodded and found that something was wrong.
The thunder attack in Pikachu exploded in a tornado! Staryu is completely bear the blow! After the thunder, the stars in the sea stopped rotating and were maintained by the tornado. The mixture of earth, rock and water was also drenched. Looking at the field, Pikachu was panting. It seems that the tornado’s lethality is also very good
"Staryu lost combat capability Pikachu won! The winner is the Xiao Zhi player from Zhenxin Town! " With the announcement of the referee, it also represents the second round of the Chengdu League Final Tournament, and the top four players in this department are also out
Everyone went back to the Poké mon Center. Did Xiao Zhi and Xiao Xia come back directly and meet at the Poké mon Center?
"What finally want to play? It is not a problem that you have Xiao Xia’s strength in Staryu. Although you can’t say that you will definitely win Xiao Zhi, you will definitely be able to play a more exciting game. What? " Xiaojing first went to talk to Xiao Xia about Aaron Xiaogang, and Gary Oak also found Xiao Zhi. Xiaogang felt a little strange in that last battle.
"Well, there’s no way. If Xiao Zhi Pikachu started with a high-pressure shot instead of a flash of light, I might have lost at the beginning. Although considering the sustainability of the battle, Xiao Zhi won’t do that, but I can’t find a way to deal with it myself. If I want to hit Pikachu with a high-pressure shot in Pikachu, I can also interrupt Pikachu’s attack with a water gun, but the power of the water gun is not enough. Even if I can hit the water gun, I have to ask questions. It can be said that I lost at the beginning and this Chengdu League game. The decision was also fair. There were no pools in the four venues. It can be said that I was unlucky, but Xiao Zhi gave in to me because of this. Although the fact may be true, my disadvantage is almost the same as his. But think about it, I have no advantage to let Xiao Zhi do this, and I can still reach this point in this situation. This can be said that I am not as strong as Xiao Zhi, but I didn’t give up fighting because of this. What about the last tornado? If Xiao Zhi Pikachu stays for a few more seconds, my Staryu will be broken. The necrotic light is completed. In that case, the accumulated energy is very slow, which makes it necessary to accumulate energy and destroy the dead light slowly. "Xiao Xia said that Xiaojing immediately made an epiphany expression.
In any case, the top four have been produced-Aaron Gary Oak Xiaoyong Xiao Zhi, three of whom are from Zhenxin Town in the eastern region, and they all set off on the same day. The trainer Aaron looked at the screen of Poké mon Center and suddenly felt that this article might become an important news for the commentator to stir up the atmosphere, but in any case, it was a game with Gary Oak.
"Alongtian, you must never release water!" Gary Oak patted Aaron on the shoulder and said
"Yeah, you too," Aaron said, and then they shook hands.
243 crossing Koga? AR plan
"Well, finally arrived at the third round of our Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference Finals! That is, the competition for the final place! There are two games today, and each of the four players has extraordinary strength. Okay, let’s start the first game now! On the red side is the Aron player from Zhenxin Town and on the green side is the player from Gary Oak, also from Zhenxin Town! Both of them are trainers from the same place, and they also set off on the same day, and you should already know that the second contestant in the afternoon, player Xiao Zhi, is also from Zhenxin Town, and also set off on the same day as this Aaron player Gary Oak! This is really amazing. Well, we won’t talk much about gossip. The information about the two players has been said many times before. Now let’s get straight to the point and start today’s competition! Decide the battle site first! " The commentator was talking there, and then the screen decided that the roulette wheel in the battle field had already started to turn quickly.
"But I really didn’t expect that Aaron, Gary Oak and Xiao Zhi all entered the top four of the Silver Congress. These three guys are really the glory of our new town." Dr. Damu looked at the scene and said that Dr. Damu also came to this silver town. It should be said that he came at the beginning of the championship the day before yesterday, but he didn’t meet without informing Aaron Xiaojing and others. Xiao Zhi’s mother was also with Dr. Damu, and today, when Xiaojing was looking for a position, she just found Dr. Damu and Xiao Zhi’s mother sitting together.
"Alas, I didn’t expect our little intelligence to fight in such a big field, which really made me feel a little honored." Xiao Zhi’s mother also nodded and said with a smile
"Oh, it’s decided. It’s a meadow." The screen lamp stopped at the meadow and the pattern Xiaojing immediately said.
"Grass? Unlike the rock field, there will be obstacles, and unlike the ice field, the ground grip is very low, so it is more balanced. This field will be greatly limited if it does not make people like the sea thorn dragon leave the water, and Poké mon will have no problem. This field can really reflect the strength of two people. "Xiaoyong said Dr. Damu immediately cast an admiring look.
"Good attack came out first, but for Aaron to speak, he attacked first and so-called Aaron Poké mon. If he can learn Aaron, he will let them learn a lot of attribute skills. Even if he sends Gram to attribute Aaron Poké mon, he can use it to attack you in turn, but he feels that if he doesn’t send Gram to attribute, then the advantage of attack will be gone at all." Dr. Damu also said after knowing the attack, and immediately looked at Ah Jun with approval.
But at this time, Jun and Xiaoyong stared at the venue intently and didn’t notice Dr. Big Wood’s eyes.
"It was a trainer who even watched the game so seriously. Compared with Xiao Zhi and Xiaojing, it was far from enough." Dr. Big Wood said, "But only in this way can these two people be called trainers and Xiao Zhi can’t?"
There is also a man leaning against the wall in the high part of the audience, who seems to be looking forward to the game.
"Well, you just skipped the patrol to watch the game." A man came over and called the man leaning against the wall to turn back.
"What? It was Koga. You startled me," the man said at once, and then his eyes returned to the scene.
"Not so staring, the game hasn’t officially started yet, but it’s true that these two kids are really looking forward to it. Worse, these two guys have been working in your hand for a few days." The man came over and leaned against the wall.
"It’s been a few days, although it’s really done well, but when it’s actually implemented, we should pay more attention to efficiency, but we can’t ask so much for two standards that we don’t even reach the age of one."
"However, the level of these two guys is actually not a standard league match. In the past, there would be no such level of confrontation in the finals of the league match. How should I put it? Now the children are getting worse every year. I didn’t know what I was doing when I was 1 year old. Now even if I can win, they don’t rely on talent, but also rely on age to accumulate strength."
"If even Mr. Koga, the four heavenly kings, says that he has no talent, then I don’t know how many trainers there will be classified as imbeciles. Even if you are in your thirties now, there are still tens of millions of people in the world who are not as strong as you."
"Yeah, but I have to say that they are better than me or better than us." The man said and then looked at the man’s face here