Although he was powerful and eager, he barely resisted. Song Chang-geng stopped pursuing and took back the cold and the fire crow. Miao Yi also took back the empty wheel of Sanyang Li, feeling depressed.

They fought in the air for a long time. Song Chang-geng estimated that the transfer task had been completed below. Looking down from his busy schedule, he found that the following Xiaoyao Island was fragmented, and only the center piece was fine. There were two people standing there holding the purple Xuanfeng and the little girl Jade Butterfly of the five lines of gossip Tower, and the others had disappeared. He knew that things were over.
Looking back, he smiled at Miao Yi, a real person. "Your disciple Shen Tuhong was punished for being reincarnated, but his spiritual knowledge was still there. He could have cultivated himself, but he came to the knowledge institute where I collected disciples and secretly seduced other disciples. How bad is this behavior? Shouldn’t it be killed?
But I was kind enough not to kill him and imprison him here. I didn’t want him to break the seal and escape and kill several of my disciples. Shouldn’t I kill him? You can trap the immortal with the celestial treasures and dust arrays, so you come to trouble me and destroy my Xiaoyao Island. What now? The dust array of the two instruments is gone, what are you still playing?
I don’t want to talk about it with you. Think about it yourself. It was you who provoked me. I wrote down today’s things. In the future, we will be right with you Emei Sect, but I don’t want to pay attention to you, a guy who is full of benevolence and morality and can only fight with each other. I made your big disciple stunned. You destroyed my Xiaoyao Island, and everyone arrived.
Let’s just forget it this time. If you come to trouble me again, I’ll be really rude. You are also in charge, so you should be able to understand right and wrong, right? Ladies and gentlemen, take your leave. "
Say that finish will be a longitudinal, congenital sword, and Zi Long will fly down, roll up purple Xuanfeng and my girl, just stick to the sea, wonderful a real person didn’t stop him, but after a cold look at others, just said the acoustic array back to Emei Mountain! After that, I reluctantly bowed my hand to everyone and returned to the middle of Emei disciples.
Emei Sect returned to Emei Mountain after reorganizing its team, not because they didn’t want to collapse, but because the other party actually broke the treasure of Zhenshan Mountain. Emei Sect has no town people’s things. If they really trapped Song Changgeng this time, what they said is reasonable. No matter how whitewashed the world is, no matter how good the superior person says, everything fair and just is deceptive.
The law of the jungle will never change, and the fist is the boss. The Emei Sect used to have two dust arrays to curb others, but now there is no nature to curb people. After they left, Yi Zhou handed over and smiled at everyone: "Although we finally fought and destroyed a abode of fairies and immortals, we finally settled a dispute. I really hope that the Emei Sect can learn a lesson this time, and don’t provoke any more fights in the future. Today, everyone came to the South China Sea because of fate. My humble abode, the Xuangui Temple, is not far from here. Although it is not as good as the Emei Fairy House, it is only my business for hundreds of years. If you have nothing to do, would you like to go with me? My family lives in the South China Sea, so how about letting me do a little bit of landlord friendship? "
Naturally, they couldn’t refute his face, so they went to the Xuangui Temple together. Song Chang-geng rolled up two people and saw an island not far away. After falling down, he started the concentric card of Yin and Yang and returned to Ziyun Palace. Seeing that everyone was waiting for his return in the hall, he couldn’t help but smile and comforted the disciples. Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping were responsible for guiding the disciples to rest. >
Zi Xuanfeng presented the five lines of gossip Tower. Song Changgeng looked at him respectfully and thought for a moment: "This treasure belongs to the highest treasure, but it is of no use as a teacher. I just want to give it to you, so you can take it as a reward for your teacher. I heard that you gave the Xuanwu sea tripod that I gave you last time to the shipbuilding department for research and shipbuilding. This is a compensation for you."
Purple Xuanfeng thanked him a few words and then put it away. Song Changgeng handed him the dharma tactic, and then distributed it. Ziyun Palace is a tower-shaped building with 72 floors, and the male disciples were divided into nine floors. Song Changgeng asked Princess Changping to bring the female disciples and give them nine floors. As for the black knife gorge in the north, it was reserved for Long Xuan and his wife and other male and female disciples.
After the distribution is completed, the rest of the things will be arranged by Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping. When Song Changgeng stood up to leave, Princess Changping whispered, "Master, Jenny has woken up, and now she is waiting for the master outside the temple."
Song Changgeng nodded and went out. He saw Qin Ziling standing outside the temple talking to Qin Han Calyx, Shuangying, Little Girl, Ling Yunfeng, Dai Xiangying, Chu Feng and others. Three spare little people, Sasha Vujacic and Xuaner, were waiting on the ancient god dove with Mi Ming Niang, while the Buddha slave black sculpture stood listlessly aside. When everyone saw Song Changgeng coming out, they all gathered around.
After listening to the little girl’s story just now, they knew that he had fought a battle just now, and they all asked noisily. After a while, Song Changgeng responded with a smile: "Well, well, it’s all over, and we won’t talk about these things. It’s rare to have such a leisure time. Didn’t you say that you didn’t get enough of the scenery of Emei Fairy Mansion? Our Ziyun Palace is also worse than there. Let’s go and have a look. "
Everyone laughed and laughed all the way. Under the guidance of the old people of Ziyun Palace, such as Chu Feng, Er Feng and San Feng, they went to the garden level of Ziyun Palace. Among these people, Mi Mingniang was the most discerning. When she saw everyone visiting, she first flew to the fairy kitchen to get some rare fruits and fairy wines, then packed them in dry Kun bags and brought some utensils, which was behind everyone.
They talked and laughed all the way, went to Lanpu to see all kinds of orchids, and then went to Yuletan to see the fish. At the suggestion of Chu Feng, everyone decided to sit in the Pottery Waterfront of Yuletan. All the way, they just talked about Song Chang-geng and Miao Yi, and the little girl gave a lecture. Although everyone had no personal experience, they also listened with relish.
The Yuletan is a small round lake with an area of about 40 to 50 mu. It is just like digging a round groove in the middle of a large piece of complete suet jade. It is about three battles deep, with white spirit sand as the bottom. Occasionally, a few clumps of green grass come out of the sand, and the lake is green, reflecting the distant green hills in it, and planting a small half pond of red and white lotus flowers in it.
The Boxiang Waterfront was built in the center of the pool, with the curved sill back to the column and the porch window opening. You can enjoy the Qushui on the platform, and the jade column flows under it. From time to time, brocade scales swim by, and the faint fragrance floats by chance. Therefore, it is named Boxiang, which is near the jade embankment of the pool. It is not a jade grass flower, but a low castle peak mangrove tree. The end is spotless, infinite and fragrant, and it is unique in the world.
The layout here was laid by the goddess of water in those days, and all the scenery was based on the sky, so we didn’t see it on earth. When everyone was seated, Mi Mingniang sent all kinds of rare fruits and some wild products, such as the usual peaches, plums, plums, apricots, hazelnuts, pine nuts, Polygonatum sibiricum, and all kinds of clear springs and fairy mash. Everyone was very happy and thanked her.

Volume 42 Storm Thunder Chapter four hundred and fifteen Three skeletons
Free and unfettered for a few days, Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping have smoothed out all kinds of things, and Song Changgeng also enjoyed the scenery with everyone. It seems that he talked with Qin Ziling twice, but it is irrelevant. Song Changgeng means to be eclectic, and their sisters naturally want it, so does Gan Biwu, but Qin Ziling keeps asking him to double-study with Qin Han Calyx, but he doesn’t talk about anything else.
Can Song Changgeng not know her little thoughts? However, Song Changgeng couldn’t give up when he remembered Gan Biwu’s feelings. After a few days of grinding, Song Changgeng made it clear that he must marry Gan Biwu. Qin Ziling couldn’t, so she had to agree. She mainly felt that Gan Biwu’s strength was too strong and she didn’t want to share her husband with others, but Song Changgeng’s strength made her unwilling to oppose him, so she had to be wronged and agreed.
When several people were talking this day, they saw Shuangying leading an ancient god dove with green feathers and a big bird covered in gold. This big bird covered in gold is the descendant of the ancient god bird, Dapeng bird with golden wings. Although it has not recovered from the great power of its ancestors, Song Changgeng is one of the stronger creatures among many creatures in the mysterious farm in the Arctic.
A few days ago, after it was quiet, Ying Qiong tried to ask for birds. Song Changgeng chose several powerful birds for her, but only this golden-winged Dapeng bird looked the most beautiful, so she chose one. After Song Changgeng catalyzed her to mature a second generation, she and Ying Nan led two birds around these days to train them. //
Seeing them coming, Qin Hancalyx said with a smile, "It must be uncomfortable to see these two guys here, unable to roam the sky, and the golden-winged Dapeng bird has never left here since it was born. When should I let it go out to play? Recently, our Millennium Griffin is much lazy. I think it’s too comfortable here. Hey! Do you want to go out? "
The last sentence is called to two birds who have approached the ground, although the golden-winged Dapeng bird was born. However, because Lingzhi, like a baby, doesn’t understand anything, but is attached to Yingqiong, while the ancient god dove has lived for thousands of years, and he doesn’t understand anything. When he hears the cold calyx shout, he immediately nods. Huan called twice, then flew towards her, and rubbed Qin Han calyx’s hand with his head, meaning to let her take herself out.
Chu Feng and others have heard the name of the ancient god dove for a long time, but they didn’t really see its prestige. At ordinary times, the ancient god dove is very proud, so it is the first time to please people. Chufeng smiled and asked, "I heard that the ancient god dove has been teaching for thousands of years." Demons and ghosts flee at the shadow, but their bodies are almost as big as eagles. Did it deliberately shrink? "
As soon as her words were finished, the ancient god dove suddenly grew in size. The wings immediately stretched more than ten feet, and the subway feathers stood like green jade. Moment majestic, eyes like a torch. Looking back at the crowd, my eyes proudly opened the iron beak, which was much larger than the plank door, and a sharp whistling passed by, and my body suddenly shrank into a green shadow.
At this time, the golden-winged Dapeng bird next to it didn’t know why the ancient god dove showed her body. She followed suit like a child, and she screamed. Her body was suddenly and violently long, and she was surrounded by eighteen golden lights. Those eighteen golden lights were the Muny rosary given to Li Yingqiong by the bridled master. It was originally given to the ancient god dove, and the British man sent it back after the birth of the golden-winged Dapeng bird.
Qin Ziling smiled and said, "The ancient god dove is really well-informed. It’s unusual. In fact, it’s almost a demon. Don’t say it’s an enemy, and it scares you to death. However, it’s too strong-willed and true. When the first phoenix just said it casually, it immediately showed color. I think it’s too wronged here. Why don’t we let them go out and have a look?"
After that, I looked at Song Chang-geng, because Song Chang-geng has passed some dharma tips to several people in Chu Feng these days. Except Chu Feng and Hui Zhu, who have the deepest skills, they can often come out to accompany them. Everyone else has already closed their doors and practiced.
After listening to Qin Ziling and looking at Shuangying’s expectant eyes, Song Changgeng hesitated: "All right, I’ll go back and settle down now, and accompany them to play for a while with the second Yuan God. You can also meditate and consolidate the realm, just let Han Calyx and my little girl follow us, and everyone else can go back to practice. Here, Chang Ping and Zi Xuanfeng will be in charge."
Say that finish the operator, hello to Changping and Zixuanfeng commanded a few words, and then together with Qin Ziling, back to the top, both in concentration, Song Changgeng will yuan god leave ontology, into the second yuan god, procuratorial once, in addition to the second yuan god incarnate the core and sustenance in the body, from the essence of fire condensation dry skyfire spirit bead only Wen Yulian flower.
In the nine lotus seed nests in Wen Yulian’s flower stand, besides the ten thousand-year-old Wen Yu in the center, there are nine days’ heart lights and scattered flowers, and the Suzaku rushes to the Xuan Yin to refine the soul, and the samadhi’s true Yan sword, the red clouds and scattered flowers, the dragon’s eternal sword, and a dry Kun bag. Other things have been put back into the ontology, and Song Changgeng thinks these things are enough.
In the other bag, there are jade symbols, paper symbols, mine beads condensed by decent methods, underground mines condensed by evil schools, a thousand-mile sound mirror, a Yang brand with a concentric brand of Yin and Yang, teleprompters and other items, as well as various drinks, fruits and foods, ten exquisite jade pavilions, and other daily necessities, which are enough to cope with all kinds of things.
Back to the bottom, Shuangying and Little Girl, Qin Han Calyx led the golden-winged Dapeng bird, the ancient god dove, the Millennium spirit vulture and so on. After five people and three birds left the bottom of the sea and rushed out of the sea, the three birds began to fly wildly. When Song Changgeng saw them so excited, he couldn’t help but think that they had been stuck in the underwater palace for too long, and the birds didn’t fly, which was a depressing nature.
Thought of here, he told everyone not to take the bird, but to fly with the royal sword, follow the three birds and let them fly freely for a while, which is rare to come out once. I’m really sorry if I have to take them. The three birds are naturally flying up and down, and they don’t argue about the direction, and instinctively drive them to fly to land.
These three guys are strong in flying, and they decided not to be inferior to flying swords. The five of them also flew wildly in the heel. When everyone was enjoying flying in the sky, it was only now that they had arrived near the land. Song Changgeng carefully argued that this should be the sea area around Hainan Island, Guangdong Province. There are many islands on the sea, and fishing boats often appear.
Just as the three birds were about to fly back, Qin Han Calyx suddenly cried, "Hey! What is the place where the ancient god dove went? It is very strange and seems to have evil spirits. It is so close to the world that no one will practice here, right? "
When a few people looked around, they saw the rocky island below. The ancient god dove was hovering and singing over a canyon, apparently calling everyone to go over. After everyone flew, they saw that the canyon was sinister and gloomy, and it was also very secretive. There were more peaks and cliffs on both sides. If a few people were not flying very high and were led by the god dove, they would never be here.
Song Chang-geng thought to himself, "Who will live here to practice?"? Is there any evil treasure born? I saw the middle section of the canyon, the valley diameter is about Li Xu long and only a few feet wide, and both sides are dangerous cliffs. The ancient god dove flew too fast, and when she saw that they all followed, she gave a long cry, and then flew to the gorge, dazzling and flying, which passed.
Yingnan hurried to chase the sword light because he didn’t trust, and Nanming left the fire sword and turned into a Zhu Hong. When everyone got to the canyon, they circled in the air, but they didn’t see the shadow of the ancient god dove. Yingnan was already in a hurry, shouting the ancient god dove and looking for it carefully. Everyone also helped to look for it carefully. The Millennium spirit dove and the golden-winged Dapeng bird all narrowed their bodies and circled around them.
After a few glances, Song Changgeng suddenly heard the Millennium Griffin chirping there. When I looked back, I caught a glimpse of the dangerous cliff behind me. A section near the ground was actually empty, and four women just saw it back. The British man was moved first and felt that there was something different. When several people fell to the bottom together, it turned out that the middle section looked down in the air like a crack, only two or three feet wide, but the bottom was very spacious.
Seen from above, the lower side of the cliff is low, and the recess is as wide as sixty or seventy feet, which is like hollowing out the mountainside, making it a big hole. Because the front entrance is only a few feet wide, the cliff stone is several feet thick, and it is very inclined, it is also the end of the canyon when it comes near, which is not easy to see. However, it is hidden here, and it can be seen by everyone’s eyesight that it is half natural and half artificial.
Everyone was surprised that there was no foreign body in the empty cave. Suddenly, they heard a loud singing. At the same time, they caught a glimpse of the land sinking in the middle of the cave, and the evil spirits rose faintly. They all worked hard on their eyes. When they looked intently, they saw a strong green breath suddenly surging, and three skulls as big as fists were wrapped in them, but braving black flames.
As soon as the three skulls appeared, they rolled up and down in the green gas. Their diseases were like electricity, and they rolled around for hundreds of times. They squeaked a few times, and the skulls in the green gas broke away from the entanglement of the green gas. As soon as the skulls landed, they exploded, and then three black flames rose, suddenly turning into three naked freaks with gray all over.
These three guys are not very tall, their looks are really hideous, and they are all skin and bones. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are skeletons, but their bodies are faint and faint with evil spirits. A look is the practice of evil sects, and Song Chang-geng just looked at them and looked a clot. It turns out that the Yin demons in the [Xuanyin Zhenjing] that these three guys are actually practicing now gather animals and turn them into bones.
They each have a black flame five feet long outside, holding a dead man’s bone in their hands, and a three-inch hexagonal bone ring, which is gray in color. The green bone blades in the ring intersect and are as dense as a needle rain. It looks similar to the knife ring. After the three monsters appeared, they seemed to be afraid of difficulties when they saw the ancient gods dove and Song Changgeng, and they stood beside a little girl after seeing the green gasification of the ancient gods dove into a big bird.
The three people don’t know what they are talking about each other. It seems that they are shirking each other and talking separately, but they don’t know who will come out. All three people seem unwilling to stand out.

Volume 42 Storm Thunder Chapter four hundred and sixteen The pagoda bone sutra
At this time, the sound of different voices suddenly rose, and all three little weirdos were very frightened when they heard the sound. They panicked and shook the hexagonal bone ring in their hands, and the ring suddenly grew to five or six feet in Fiona Fang. When they threw it down, they saw the shadow of an ancient god dove in one of the rings, which seemed to be trapped by evil methods, and they rushed around in it, very angry.
However, it was held tight by the green air of the blue front, and it was impossible to get away. The other two rings were empty, and the ancient god dove next to it screamed. Seeing that everyone was very confused about how to produce two ancient god doves, Ying Nan said, "This is the way to transform its feathers into two places. Let’s help it quickly. If this place is broken, it will lose a lot of skill."
Song Chang-geng didn’t actually see the three skeletons in his eyes, so he didn’t make a move, because the pin shape of the Yin magic gathering animal bones that he is practicing now seems to be different from what he saw from [Xuanyin Zhenjing]. It seems that their cultivation methods are more refined and advanced, which makes him very confused. Supposedly, [Xuanyin Zhenjing] is orthodox. How can it be more advanced than it?
The three naked skeleton weirdos, shaped like ghosts, walked out and gestured to each other. The British man couldn’t help it. As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed the three guys together with the ancient god dove ontology and flew past. The British man’s Ming Dynasty was separated from the fire sword and turned into a day-long Zhu Hongjuan, while the ancient god dove became a green gas and cooperated with the Zhu Hongman. /
Qin Han calyx moves fastest. Her big Yan Seven-Star Sword didn’t move, but she was still roaring around. She had already released a rosy cloud chain to surround her defense, and commanded the one-horned vulture to rush out. At the same time, she saw tian hu Bao’s foreign minister, who had been refined for quite a long time, put it out, turned into a big golden light, and went straight for three skeletons to smash, with great power.
Several other people were about to start work, when they heard two extremely piercing ghost screams from a distance. At this time, Ying Qiong was already a thunderbolt of Taiyi God, and hundreds of battles of thunder and fire roared, and a thunderbolt with a deafening price passed by. Listening to the British man, he shouted, "Be careful, everyone, stop it quickly, and don’t let the three demons escape!"
Her voice came to her ears, and the three little freaks had turned into skulls as big as three fists, and the electricity flew up. The bone ring trapped with the shadow of the ancient god dove was gone, and the three guys were just about to rush out, but they caught a glimpse of a big bird covered in gold at the small hole. The bird’s eighteen groups of golden auspicious light slowly turned, and the glow was radiant, which turned into countless flowers and rain.
Set off the golden bird, as if it were a golden bird, and it was majestically blocked in the hole. When the three skeletons saw that the way out was broken, they all howled miserably. The two wanted to continue to flee outside. One rolled on the spot, turned into a black fire, and went underground. I didn’t know that the people here were their nemesis. The little girl who had been flying over Song Chang-geng’s head was just about to start work when Song Chang-geng stopped her.
I saw that the two who rushed out were bounced back by the golden light, but they were bounced back by the golden light when they wanted to go into the ground. It turns out that this Muny rosary is very powerful. Once acted upon, no evil spirit can escape. More can wield power according to the master’s mind, which is up and down the ground and space of Fiona Fang Baizhang. It’s all within the forbidden circle of Muny’s rosary, not to mention so close apart.
The other two skeletons were shot by golden light. Will continue to rush out, but by the male and Qin Han calyx to fly sword and then attack. Inevitably, they were directly twisted by each person’s two jewels, and they were smashed. As soon as they touched the ground, those who turned black were wrapped in golden auspicious light, and Li Yingqiong raised a string of thunderbolts, and at the same time they paid their bills, and their bodies were wiped out.
I saw the ancient god dove whistling, turning into a roll of green gas, a few wisps of residual soul evil spirits, even the magic weapons such as the bone flower and the demon ring were all sucked by it, and the dazzling was completely destroyed. Song Changgeng said nothing, but went straight to the hole they had just rushed out of. /
My little girl has been on the top of Song Chang Gung’s head, and naturally she followed in. She has regained the feeling that she was always beside the master when she was born, so this time she came out with her pockets, and Shuangying and Qin Han Calyx followed her down, falling more than a hundred feet before landing. I saw that this hole should be a natural place, and now its position is already under the sea.