Liu Sunseeker learns to talk to him late, his eyes are wide open and he stammeres, "Don’t-"

Mock said, "Don’t you think he’s-he’s-"
Liu Sunseeker’s face turned black at night and suddenly remembered that he had misunderstood the Emperor Phoenix Night. In fact, this misunderstanding can be deceiving. Although he didn’t completely touch her, he made her white every night. He is not only good but also good! !
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 57 Eat soul grass
One thousand emperor phoenix night know oneself in front of outsiders to discredit him that tonight-
Liu Xi can’t cry at night. She must be able to save a "misunderstanding-"
Before she finished speaking, she heard a fox-like sound coming from behind. It was many days without seeing the night.
"Second Emperor, what brings you here?" Yeze felt like a spring breeze when he spoke, but Liu Xixi couldn’t help shivering when she looked back at him late. She had seen his terrible plot and killing ability, and she couldn’t help but be afraid when she looked at him now.
He shouldn’t recognize himself and monk, should he? Liu Xixi regrets that she didn’t post more skin. It’s not right to post too much skin, but it looks fake.
At this time, the man behind Yeze wrapped a paper bag and a small medicinal material fell out. Liu Sunseeker glanced at it at night and her eyes narrowed.
That’s-soul-eating grass. What kind of person needs soul-eating grass?
People who are poisoned and easily controlled.
Phoenix night! ! They want to deal with people. Is it Phoenix Night? ! !
Didn’t the phoenix night say that the blood killing medicine has been cured? How come?
She was too surprised to speak for a moment. No, it can’t be like this. Ze was more cunning than a poisonous snake that night. He would surely see the flaw if he was so driven out.
When Liu Sunseeker suddenly raised his head, he saw Ye Ze staring at her gracefully, just like a poisonous snake staring at his prey.
Liu Xixi wants to turn back and run away at night, but she knows it’s unwise. Don’t say he hasn’t recognized it yet. She doesn’t have to run here, but there must be a dark guard behind her in Beijing. Ye Ze dare not.
However, Yeze was more arrogant than she thought. He directly crossed the Second Emperor and walked to the front of Liu Xixi’s night. He stared at Liu Xixi’s night unblinkingly and said, "This girl-"
The second emperor got high. "What a girl! Night Gong is really a joke. This is a eunuch, but eunuchs can play as girls."
While talking about the Second Emperor, he was still wanting more. A pair of thieves’ bright little eyes followed Ye Ze to look at Liu Xixi with malicious intent, but he was disappointed when he took one look. "No, Saya, your appreciation level is not good. Let me introduce you to some little eunuchs. That hippie tender meat."
Mock couldn’t listen to it and glared at it. Ze looked at Mock with more suspicion.
Liu Sunseeker scolded his pig teammates in his heart late.
But she has to save a "night gong heard that you are the owner of this prescription. Why don’t you give us a discount? Hehehe"
Yeze frowned in disgust when he heard the strange man’s demon voice. His cleanliness and instant delivery of this greasy sound are disgusting.
He took a step aside without moving, and his eyes were full of doubts, but-
He didn’t look at Mock again, and Mock felt something was wrong, but he knew that he might as well not move as Sunseeker Satoshi.
But Ye Ze suddenly approached Mock and put his arm on his shoulder. His eyes bent slightly. "What’s your name?"
Liu Xi was shocked at night that he was going to hypnotize monk. He would? Did you just learn it recently?
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 579 Look silly
That’s terrible if it’s true. This man’s learning ability is going against the sky! !
Liu Sunseeker took a worried look at Mock for fear that he would be impatient to hypnotize Yeze. Of course, it can hypnotize Yeze. That’s very cool, but I’ve never heard that this guy has tried to show other people’s humanity. I’m afraid it’s not worth the candle. She tried to persuade Mock not to go against Yeze, but now there is no chance.
Mock didn’t even look at her.
Yeze slowly approached, and finally his nose almost touched Mock’s nose.
Mock froze and didn’t move, and then he seemed a little confused, but then he cried, "whoa, whoa, whoa!" !”
Liu Sunseeker and the Second Emperor were startled by Mock, and it was horrible to see Mock crying and clutching his belly.
Yeze’s face is a little satisfied but disappointed.
Liu Sunseeker endured anger and smiled tunnel "My brother is not sensible and offended the young master. Please forgive me."
Then turn around and block the body and pretend to be good at twisting monk meat. "You shut up! !”
But Mock cried even harder. Tears and snot flowed together, and even Liu Xixi couldn’t help it at night.
Night ze hate more intense, and for Liu Sunseeker night and monk, the two tables should not wave him so much, which made him a little unhappy, so he sank his face and nodded toward the second emperor and turned to the floor.
The second emperor likes monk more, but he always laughs. That kind of stupidity is even more obvious.