"It’s killing Ya Ting." The Stuart brothers stood up first, and their voice was generous and their expression was passionate.

"However, the boss … the za twins now in addition to a suit of clothes, nothing. Take care of your country and defend your country? " After SiTuTieFa oath, furtive left Tang Qing one eye and asked tentatively.
The performance of a pair of stooges once again won a burst of laughter from everyone. Tang Qing was too lazy to dispute with them, and said with a smile: "This matter is not urgent, it is on Tang Ye. Now tell me carefully why there is such a lack of lingshi? "
Ouyang alone, Tang Qing once left a lot of lingshi, and Jing Xuan came to Jinxiu Valley, presumably not empty-handed. These people mixed into this world, which really puzzled him, and the first one threw the question out.
"Cough this thing, old man to explain it."
Ouyang coughed twice and stopped. Regarding pharmacology, Situ Tie was wise not to argue and gave up an opportunity to show.
"In this splendid valley, for unknown reasons, all living things, including air, soil and even water, all contain toxins. Originally, after we stayed for a long time, it was not difficult for us to adapt. But there is a problem that can never be solved. "
Ouyang zhengming’s face, some sorrow, and some shame. This problem has been bothering him for a long time, and he can’t get rid of it all the time. It is really disgraceful for him to make a living as an alchemist.
"Life here is no problem, but meditation practice, the problem is big. Although the aura here is abundant, if it is absorbed and refined for a long time, it will gradually poison the body and gradually infect the mind. In the long run, think about it and know the consequences. "
"The old man once tried his best, hoping to allocate some Dan medicine to remove this drawback. Unfortunately … "He didn’t go on, don’t ask, certainly didn’t succeed.
"So serious?" Tang Qingleng for a moment, and couldn’t help asking, "Isn’t that right? Didn’t the old Lingzi often practice here? Also, Tang Ye married Dan here. "
Hearing this, Qianlingzi quickly put in his mouth and said, "The old slave’s original training didn’t last long. And at that time, I often ran outside, but it was not a big problem. "
"As for your then … later, according to Yungu, I’m afraid it is for this reason that …"
"I x"
Tang Qing couldn’t help cursing, thinking yes. No wonder a genius like Tang Ye made such a big own goal. Halfway through the rainbow, some unknown so couldn’t help asking, "Little brother, what happened to your original then?"
Yu Shao and Chang Gongyuan, also having this doubt, looked at Tang Qing in order.
If someone asked, Tang Qingli didn’t bother. But the rainbow is different. At this time, the status of this sister has been greatly improved, which is completely different from the past. Tang Qing held back for a long time, and his face was flushed with forbearance, then he said, "Before I went to look at the moon and the sea, my younger brother had succeeded in making Dan." Unexpectedly, I got a fake. "
The beautiful eyes of the rainbow opened wide in an instant, almost unbelievable. No one knows about it except Chieko. In fact, even he, even Yungu, may get the information from bridled. I heard that such a ridiculous thing happened to Tang Qing, a shrewd fox. This sense of absurdity is even more shocking than what he just did with two fists and one foot.
"Character, character." Yu less startled half ring, skimming the pie mouth, make a final judgment. Everyone’s eyes are crossed, and they really want to agree with him, but they don’t have much courage. They can only hold their breath, which is very hard.
"I x"
Tang Qing felt humiliated to death and quickly changed the subject. Asked: "What happened later? How did you solve it? "
Ouyang Zhengming hurriedly said: "This matter is also thanks to Jing Xuan’s predecessors. After she arrived here, she arranged a gathering array for the abode of fairies and immortals. Filter the aura again, so that everyone can practice safely. Just … "
The old man paused, and Qianlingzi immediately said, "Only in this way, the cost of Lingshi is extremely amazing. In addition, at the beginning, because of the chaotic situation outside, Taniguchi’s array was always open. Ouyang and San Qiao both need to consume Lingshi refining drugs. In this way, everyone’s lingshi will soon be warned. "
Ouyang’s face is reddish, and he probably feels that he has consumed a lot of Lingshi and is a little ashamed. He added, "Boss, you don’t know that Taniguchi’s array is less than a third as powerful as it is now. Because there is no lingshi, it is impossible to maintain operation. We people, and there is no way. So … "
"I’m X" Tang Qing swore again, expressing his anger and happiness.
It’s right to think about it. The strength of Jing Xuan’s fighting is not strong, but it is understandable. However, it would be ridiculous to say that she, an elder of a derivative gate, has only such a powerful array arranged by her own hands.
When Jing Xuan came here, he was exiled. Yungu is not a housekeeper, so it is impossible to even worry about such a broken thing. As a result, Jinxiu Valley is guarding a Baoshan, which is actually unusable. How humbled and lucky this is.
These people, except the Stuart brothers, are all big spenders. Puppets, alchemists, and drug makers are all his achievements, and they will never make ends meet. As for the Stuart brothers, what else did you have when you left, except for two horoscopes?
In this way, Situtie said that life was sad, not only did he not exaggerate, but he had reservations. It’s not sad, it’s just impossible.
If Tang Qing and others knew that there was an elder of the derivative gate in Jinxiu Valley, they wouldn’t dare to rush in at will. The array mage’s power can be seen from the battle of the soul-eating moth. What level is Chang Gong Yuan, you can be safe with the moths. Jing Xuan, if the strength is effectively exerted, where is Yu Shao who can lightly insult this person together may not be able to win.
Thought of here, Tang Qing and Yu little glances, are dark call luck. If it weren’t for this, who would Tang Qing blame for the damage caused by a misunderstanding? Nobody can blame him but himself.
My heart was full of fear, and Tang Qinglian was lucky. On second thought, he thought it was wrong again, and asked with some doubts, "Then tell me about it, from Jingxuan to here until today." How many lingshi are used in these formations in Jinxiu Valley, including refining medicine? "
"More than 200,000"
Qian Lingzi snapped her fingers and her lips trembled. Obviously, this number is too big for him, too big for him to bear. Ouyang nodded again and again, saying, "Yes, everyone tries to save it, but it’s impossible to save it by gathering the spirit array. Always practice … "
Poor old man, the louder he talks, the lower his voice, and his head hangs down to his chest.
Tang Qing denounced, it was unbelievable. Yu Shao Rainbow and others all looked at him with ridicule. The meaning in the eyes is self-evident.
This guy pretends to be a rich man outside, and his fingers are so big that they are both jealous. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it. The old man at home is in such a situation that it’s impossible to open the pot.
"That static xuan? She’s a friar Yuan Ying, so it’s impossible to have no money. "Tang Qing’s face is ferocious, almost gnashing her teeth to ask this sentence.
"Senior she …"