Several other people are just watching. Time flies with everyone’s attention. I saw that the sand mothers who melted into a ball began to condense their forms. It broke down into twenty-four small balls and began to solidify. Soon became twenty-four different forms of things. There is a blue jade ring. There are also sapphire swords. Or a sapphire hairpin. Jade beads and other items.

Song Chang Gung withdrew his skill. The twenty-four items are floating in the air. Give out a faint halo. When you look carefully, the light inside is soft and moist. Inside and outside are integrated. There is no such thing as the original shamu’s brilliance changing. Obviously has been refined into something more advanced. Seeing that everyone is watching, don’t start work. Song Changgeng smiled and said, "One person can pick one!"
Li Yingqiong, Yu Yingnan and Qin Han Calyx are honest and you’re welcome. Grab it and pick it up first. Several other people are reserved and embarrassed. Song Changgeng saw Zhou Qingyun wringing his hands and looking at a jade ring. But I didn’t come forward. I knew she wanted it very much but was embarrassed. And Qin Ziling looked at the ground is a Hosta. But I didn’t do it because I was reserved.
He made a move at will. Will recruit two things. Go over and put the Hosta in Qin Ziling’s head first. After a few words. Turned to look at Zhou Qingyun and saw that he was disappointed after taking Yuhuan. He went over and handed the jade ring in his hand. And you didn’t say anything. He didn’t dare to say either. All this makes Qin Ziling feel sour all over.
Everyone picked one thing and there were fifteen things left. Song Changgeng put them all away. Then teach you these magic weapons to control the formula one by one. After the allocation is determined. Qi Lingyun endured the sadness and asked, "Since Brother Song wants to salute before the enemy. We won’t be able to go with our brother. It’s not convenient for us to disturb after the senior brother goes in.
Tomorrow is the birthday of the Third Daughter. Let’s leave here first and come back tomorrow. I hope my senior brother can rescue Shishengdi’s mother, so that we can’t take care of our actions. I’ll leave now. "Say that finish a ceremony, took a deep look at Song Changgeng, said goodbye to everyone, and took Zhou Qingyun and Jijinchan together to build a sword.
After seeing Song Changgeng, Yi Jing said to Shuangying, "I wanted to travel with my two sisters, but my two sisters want to go with you. I want to go with the people in Emei. Let’s break up. Take care of your two sisters." After that, he also released his Ananda sword and a white light flew up, then disappeared into the blue sky.
Shuangying was very disappointed with her friends’ parting. Although they met and got to know each other for a short time, they felt as if they were old friends. Now it is natural to be separated suddenly. However, after all, they are teenagers. After listening to what Song Changgeng said in the wasteland of Beihai, they forgot to be sad about their parting, and chattered about things in Beihai.
While they were talking, they saw a flash of brilliance at the entrance of Shensha Tunnel, and then a sweet music sounded, and many golden couple flew out in neat rows. Qin Ziling smiled lightly: "It seems that the three girls in Ziyun attach great importance to you. I wonder if they can promise to let Sister Lu go. I heard that these three sisters are very difficult."
Song Changgeng said with a smile: "You know that hard fists are the boss. Now we are looking for their backers. If we don’t promise this little thing, I don’t mind killing them before the Emei people come. Speaking of it, this Ziyun Palace is not as good as those caves, but it is also a blessed place. It is a good place to practice, and it is hidden in Haiti. I am greedy.
Moreover, you are the reincarnation of a jellyfish disciple. Compared with several jellyfish slaves, you are still qualified to be the master of Ziyun. This Ziyun Palace is not only my eyes, but also bliss and Miaoyi have long been calculated. "
While they were talking, the ceremonial team had come to the front of everyone. golden couple was on both sides, and Xu Feiniang came out with several men and women in the middle. When they saw Song Changgeng, they were all one leng, because everyone knew the rocky Ziyun Palace among the six people, and another man should be Xu Feiniang’s brother, but the performance capability was only congenital, which made people very confused.
Song Chang Gung knew their doubts, and he no longer restrained his breath. He radiated his own power operation, and at that time, the wind and cloud rose from the ground. It seemed as if the majestic momentum of heaven and earth made people in the venue feel great pressure. golden couple, who was doing ceremonial ceremonies, had no power, and he instinctively knelt to the ground under the pressure of his momentum.
And Song Chang-geng mainly aimed at the six principals of Ziyun Palace, who felt as if they had been pinned down by a building. Not only could they not move all over, but the conjoined mainland forces seemed to have been frozen, and their capability could not work. Although Song Chang-geng’s momentum was put away, it was only in this room that all the people had understood that he was powerful.
Qin Ziling and Xu Feiniang looked at Song Changgeng with fascination, while the people in Ziyun Palace were mixed with fear and hope. When Xu Feiniang saw that he had finished his power, she said with a smile, "When Yuanjiang was accidentally calculated by Yan Yingheng’s master and apprentice, not only did she get hurt, but she also robbed her apprentice, and she didn’t say much with her brother in a hurry. I’m afraid this time things will trouble her brother again."
Song Chang Gung smiled lightly: "You and I are married in Jin Lan, and your business is my business. When the things here are over, we will go to Yan Ying-heng to calculate this ratio. Are we really good at bullying? Let’s not talk about this for the time being. Please introduce me to these friends in Ziyun Palace. It’s not good for us to talk here ourselves and leave others alone. "
Xu Feiniang smiled and said, "Let’s do whatever my brother says. I’ll wait for my brother to give me this tone. Let me introduce you first. These are the people in charge of Ziyun Palace."
He introduced Chu Feng, Er Feng, San Feng, Hui Zhu, Dong Xiu, Jin Xunu and others one by one. After everyone had heard a lot, Song Changgeng saw that several of them were staring at the people behind him, and smiled with great significance: "Although I am the head of the worry-free house, I used to wander among various factions under an alias before I was robbed, and I once joined the Qingcheng School. These are our classmates."

Volume 26 Strong Zhonglian Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight Chess without a trace
Sure enough, all six people in Ziyun Palace reacted strangely to this. Song Changgeng guessed that they must be wondering if the whole thing was a game done by Song Changgeng and Emei School, in order to unite Qingcheng School and Emei School to seize Ziyun Palace. Although this idea is a bit ridiculous, once people have this idea, they will embark on another road.
Therefore, Song Changgeng said with a smile, "Don’t have any other ideas. I am me, and the Qingcheng School is the Qingcheng School. Although the Qingcheng School participated in this incident, I didn’t know it in advance, and as far as I know, the layout of Emei and Qingcheng started as early as a hundred years ago. It also involves some past events of your Ziyun Palace and your previous lives, and everything has just exploded now."
His words made the six people in Ziyun even more stunned. Although they didn’t quite understand his meaning, they also heard it. That is, this Ziyun Palace has long been missed, but now people think that the layout has been completed and they can draw the net. At that time, all six people look at me, and I see you. I don’t know how to say this, that is, they are practitioners and don’t know about their previous lives.
Seeing that everyone was thinking, Xu Fei Niang seemed to be cold. She chuckled: "As a guest from afar, my brother said that he didn’t know about the Qingcheng Sect. Since he came here for our sake, he would not help Emei to deal with you. I can assure you, Sister Chu Feng, your landlord, don’t invite everyone in?"
Chu Feng paused before coming to her senses and said, "Yes, how can we let everyone stand outside when we come to Ziyun Palace? Please talk inside quickly. Since Sister Xu said so, what am I worried about? Please."
Said and his companions let Song Chang Gung and other people in. Leading the way by them, Chufeng braced himself, explained a few small scenery on the way to the Yanguang Pavilion in the center of the island on the reef, and invited everyone to simply enjoy the grass paintings collected by Ziyun Palace on the road. A group of people came to the entrance of Shensha Tunnel.
Qin Ziling and other girls saw it for the first time. They always listened to Qi Jinchan and Shi Sheng about how dangerous it was here, but when they saw it, there was a road leading directly to the bottom in the circular tunnel with a height of more than three meters, and the walls of the tunnel were as smooth as a mirror. The light and color are smooth, and it seems that the smoke has been swept away, which is not like the glow of the tunnel wall and the transpiration of colored fog when Shi Sheng and them first entered.
Several people in Qingcheng School guessed that the portal of Ziyun Palace was wide open. As Song Changgeng said, the barriers must be removed, because Emei rushed into the palace and chased the clouds, which made them understand their situation. So I want to hire a backer, so I made such a gesture, so that I can successfully grasp the matter of saving Shi Sheng’s mother.
In fact, Chu Feng and others know that Song Chang-geng spent the robbery in this way, and their knowledge is very profound. I’m afraid that their refined Ziyun sand is nothing in the eyes of others, so they didn’t show off, but learned that Song Chang-geng had come. They not only rushed out in person, but also stopped the convergence of law. As a sign of sincerity.
At the beginning of the tunnel, Feng said that it was ugly now, and then she took out a Yuhuan, threw it into the air, and a white aperture surrounded everyone inside, and then the aperture began to spin quickly, forming a ball of light on the periphery of everyone. After you feel a slight tremor, it seems that your body is moving forward extremely, which is obviously a spell of thousands of miles.
In less than a quarter of an hour, I saw that the first phoenix had choked the tactic, and the white light turned into a jade ring and flew back. Everyone looked around and saw that it was indeed a magnificent palace. Although it was just a simple look, everyone now found that the basement of the palace was covered with fine jade, and there were jade stone niches at the temple beams and every corner, with a soft glow from the night pearl.
It’s just that these jewels and luminous pearls are not consumed by an ordinary sect. Chu Feng smiled faintly: "These are all left by our ancestors. We’re just living illegally. Because the sacred sand tunnel is thousands of miles long. Flying takes too long. So I used a spell to quickly move everyone to this Yueran Temple. Please don’t laugh at my poor magic. "
After that, I talked and laughed politely with everyone. Please go in. After the guest and the host are seated. Sanfeng finally couldn’t help asking Song Changgeng, "Just now, I heard from a Taoist friend that someone had laid out plans for our Ziyun Palace more than a hundred years ago. It also involves our previous lives. Forgive my stupidity. Can Daoyou talk about it in detail? "
Gave her a look. Song Chang Gung smiled and took out seven magic weapons that had just been refined with Ziyun sand mother, saying, "These are some gadgets that I refined. Everyone met for the first time, one by one. Please don’t dislike it. It is also very simple to operate. But is the intermediate magic weapon. Make a meeting gift. Fourth sister, distribute it for me. You also stay and play. "
Sanfeng and Dongxiu are the most greedy. See these magic weapons and you will know that they are good things. Don’t wait for Xu Fei Niang. I saw the first phoenix in my eyes. See she didn’t object. I walked by myself. To the suspended in the air to pick up seven magic weapons. Song Chang-geng freely said the tactic of manipulating the ground method. Sanfeng immediately began to experiment. The power is really extraordinary.
Chu Feng took Xu Fei Niang’s magic weapon with a frown. She vaguely felt that these magic weapons seemed to be similar to their own Ziyun Shensha. And the other party is invited by himself. But it is involved with the invading enemy. This also forget it. Look at Xu Fei Niang’s face and pay more attention to it. But when the other party comes, they don’t talk about giving gifts in advance. Let her feel a little confused.
See everyone is playing magic weapon. Chu Feng cleared her throat and asked, "Cough. I appreciate the kindness of Daoyou. Taoist friends have come all the way to help boxing. We should be grateful. But let Taoist friends give gifts first. What has become of this? Tell you what. These magic weapons are just birthday gifts from Taoist friends to our sisters. Would you please ask Daoyou to take the trouble to talk about what Third Sister asked just now? "
Glancing at her, Song Changgeng smiled and said, "You really don’t know that people are calculating you? Why do you think that two short people in Songshan Mountain were in the fire moon cave when they helped you get the treasure? At the first time, it can be said that everyone caught up with it by accident. Why did Jin Xunu go to get the treasure later? Isn’t it good to keep so many treasures for himself because of the poverty of the two dwarfs? "
As soon as a few questions came out of Ziyun Palace, everyone was stupefied, so they stopped their opponents to play with them. The more they thought about it, the more frightened they became. As Song Changgeng said, it was the first time that they caught up. You should know that Master Lian Shan was banned in the Moon Cave in the inferno, and each Jia opened a hole once, so one person could only enter once, and only take one thing at a time. When entering the ground, they had to face the inferno.
However, two dwarfs robbed the Taoist Iron Umbrella, but it was a magic weapon that could stop the flames in the sea of fire. Sanfeng and Dongxiu coveted the treasures inside, so they cheated the Taoist Iron Umbrella and ran away. As a result, they were robbed back by the Taoist Iron Umbrella halfway, which has offended the two dwarfs. However, when they got the treasure, they still let Jin Xunu go, saying that they were understaffed, but they all had apprentices.
You know, the two dwarfs have already told them that they went to Yueer Cave on the entrustment of the real Emei Long Mei, who has many disciples with extraordinary skills in Emei. Everything is a game, and Song Chang-geng understood it a little bit from Ziyun Palace. They are not fools, otherwise they can’t practice for many years, and they have reached the realm of then Dacheng.
Chufeng steadied her mind and smiled: "Since Taoist friends know so clearly, the whole story must be very clear. I wonder if you can help us?"
"Of course, since I’m here, so it is necessary to intervene in this matter, it is only natural that you should understand your own things. What makes you think you occupy such a good place? How can a monster beast in the sea, the daughter of a mortal escort, a thousand-year-old clam be reincarnated as a human being and three women who have been refined by the old clam be blessed? " Song Changgeng took a sip of tea and began to say.
"In fact, it is very simple. This Ziyun Palace is the construction site of narcissus jellyfish. She has been alive for more than 3,000 years. She has received many disciples and servants who have served her, and she has taken in many heterogeneous monsters. Before the jellyfish soared thousands of years ago, most of her skills were enough, so she wanted to soar with her.
However, there are still two smallest female disciples whose skills are not enough, and there are three little maids who are as close as sisters, so she sealed the Ziyun Palace and left many things that can’t be taken away, leaving everything here to her two female disciples. "Speaking of which, Song Changgeng deliberately stopped and looked at Ziyun five women, smiling.
All the five women in Ziyun are like deer bumps. Two female disciples and three little maids are naturally female disciples and should be the masters of Ziyun, but who is the female disciple among the five? Who is the maid? Five people looked at each other, three little maid as close as sisters? Sister Sanfeng is not? Then the rest of the land is not a female disciple? Thought of here, Dong Xiu stood up unconsciously, and her mouth curled up.
Song Changgeng continued with a sip of tea: "Two female disciples and three little maids are naturally going to be reincarnated, and there are several shallow aliens. Under the flow of karma, the three aliens and the three little maids came together. One alien is an old clam, which not only gave the three little maids a lot of aura before they were born, but also laid the foundation of Taoism, and rushed in when the method of sealing the Ziyun Palace was weak."
Speaking of which, he stopped maliciously and picked up the teacup. Chu Feng’s three sisters are not stupid. They have already heard from his words that the three of them are the three little maids. As for the heterogeneous old clam, needless to say, it is the predecessor of Huizhu. Dong Xiu is getting more and more straight, her face is already half-raised, and her eyes are inclined to sweep several people in the palace, and her mouth is even worse. She thinks she is one of the female disciples.
After putting down the teacup, Song Changgeng continued with a smile: "But after the three girls came to Ziyun Palace, they happened to meet another strange monster in the palace in the past years. They were still monsters in this life, but they turned to a male body and later saved a woman. They didn’t know that the woman was a civet cat in the palace in her previous life, but she turned to a female body in this life."
Winter show suddenly stiff there, she again silly also understand that civet cats are themselves, and at that time face changes, unexpectedly froze, three chicken is heartless to laugh.

Volume 26 Be Strong and Be Strong. Chapter 259 Three Requirements
Ignoring Dong Xiu’s reaction, Song Changgeng took a look at the three sisters at Chu Feng and said, "You must have understood here. Emei’s idea is to play with two female disciples of jellyfish, who have been around for generations like you. Now they are the authentic masters of Ziyun Palace in Emei and Qingcheng respectively, so Emei will dare to provoke you."
After a secret story, everyone here was silent. Although what Song Chang-geng said was illusory, it was really the experience of the three chicken sisters, and it was mostly unknown, so they all believed in it at the beginning of the phoenix. Speaking of it, no matter what Xianfan did, it was necessary to have a birthright. This is what the so-called teacher was famous for. Now people are playing authentic flags and naturally they are famous.
Huizhu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said, "The boy beside you once broke through our Ziyun Palace with people from Emei, so you Qingcheng Sect will also intervene in this matter? I wonder what you mean by bringing someone? Want to be the enemy first? Just now, you said that one of the two female disciples of Jellyfish is in Emei and the other is in Qingcheng, so this time they are here to seize the palace? "
Her words made all six people in Ziyun Palace nervous. Song Changgeng smiled and said, "You old clam are really small-minded. If I really came to seize the palace, I wouldn’t promise my fourth sister. Wouldn’t that damage her reputation?" As for this boy, there is another case with your Ziyun Palace, which is a blissful layout and the purpose is also your Ziyun Palace. "
After seeing the six people in Ziyun, I put their psychological expressions such as confusion and fear in my eyes. After all, the real place name of Blissful Reality is too big, and people have already laid out their own plans. How can this not make them afraid? At this time, Xu Feiniang is very confused. She didn’t understand how her brother could know these secret things, and her heart was mixed with joy and sorrow.
Song Chang Gung swept the people in the temple but didn’t see Yang Li and other disciples. Presumably, the people in Ziyun Palace didn’t let them out. He continued: "This child’s name is Shi Sheng, and his grandfather is a disciple of Blissful Reality, and his mother is also a Qingcheng Sect. After practicing Yuan Ying, she abandoned her body and soared. She didn’t want to be caught by you on the way.
You don’t want to think, how can the avatar of Blissful Reality not know that his master has an accident? But I didn’t come to the rescue, in order to let the child have a name to come to your trouble, and then things with jellyfish disciples will not be. People can fight whatever they want. If it weren’t for my fourth sister’s face, I really don’t want to take care of your things. "
"Turned out to be Liu Rongbo that bitch, I’ll ruin her yuan life card let her past. It really pisses me off. " When Sanfeng heard that things were related to her, and that the layout of Blissful Reality was made by her own hands, she was so angry that she didn’t fight, and she hated to get up and destroy the cards. Chufeng quickly stopped her, and Erfeng pressed her on the seat again.
At this time, Shisheng suddenly stood up and pointed to Sanfeng and shouted, "You witch insulted my mother. You ruined my mother’s fairy industry and enslaved her. I will not let you rest. Is Ziyun Palace great?"
"Rock! What did I tell you when we came? Sit down, or I’ll leave your business alone. " Song Chang Gung shouted crossly. He was annoyed that the child was disobedient. When he came, he had agreed to deal with it himself, but the child was still so calm. At the same time, he is a little upset about Sanfeng.
After that, he turned to Chufeng sisters and said, "Although I joined the Qingcheng Sect only as a measure of rights and interests, I’m still a Qingcheng native after all. If you don’t want to talk about it, just do it and see if our skills can fight against your Ziyun Palace. It’s wrong to prevent people from soaring. You even want to ruin my classmate’s life card in front of me. It’ s really arrogant enough, when I am a paper paste? "
Said that he will let go of his own breath. Everyone in Ziyun Palace felt suffocated. A thrill of fear in my heart. Sanfeng is stingy and selfish by nature. At the same time, greedy and aggressive. Originally, Song Changgeng sent a magic weapon and still had a little affection for him. See him reprimanding himself now. The color of resentment and bitterness flashed in his eyes. But afraid of his ability and dare not touch blather.
Chufeng saw that things got worse and worse. He said, "Daoyou misunderstood. My third sister was impulsive. Since Liu Rongbo is your classmate. Then I can’t wait to be detained again. We’ll let her go later. Daoyou, since you are looking at Sister Xu’s face. How can we fight you? Now that Taoist friends have explained the ins and outs of things for us.
Then please tell me about your conditions. Presumably, Daoyou has already figured it out. Not only brought to our holiday. There are jellyfish female disciple metempsychosis. So I don’t know what Daoyou wants? Is it the whole Ziyun Palace or something else? I asked Daoyou to say it together. Let’s discuss it together. Since we invited you to come. Naturally, I have this psychological preparation. "